Summit Financial Services Ltd

Bringing Business Together

Summit Financial Services brings together financial brokers from all over the world. East to West, North to South brokerage firms are working together to service their clients better, more efficient and with more products than ever. Using advanced technology brokers can now access largest securities markets with speed, accuracy and confidence. We are here to make it happen through our advisory and referral services.

Bringing Brokers Together

How Does One Navigate Complex World of Electronic Trading?

Today's world of electronic trading and transaction processing has become a complex web of products, services and institutions. Navigating through this web is particularly difficult when trading is done across borders or across continents. Financial brokers who find themselves with a task to search for best solution for trading, clearing and record processing, quite often spend considerable time and resources to find a suitable business partner. The results are typically mixed, and bad results could be quite costly.

"Who should I use as my primary broker?", "What about safety of my assets at a custodial bank?", "Why should I pay so much for transactions if I only do certain asset classes?", "How do I reconcile my books and records with a foreign broker?" - these are just a few questions commonly asked when looking for business relationship in the U.S. or elsewhere in the world.

Summit Financial Services will help to find answers to these common questions and a lot more. Our advisory and referral services are specifically designed to work with foreign brokers who need expert and trusted advice. Our sales, support and record processing services will help with daily operations, when needed.