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Here at Summit Financial Services Ltd, we are dedicated to our clients and all their different U.S. tax needs. We have been servicing Hong Kong financial community since the beginning of 2015. Our focus is to offer Hong Kong based broker-dealers the best FATCA, Qualified Intermediary (QI), CRS and U.S. tax service. Our approach is a hands-on, direct and to-the-point resolution of tax related issues, such as data collection, filing, reporting, compliance, certifications, auditing and communication with tax authorities.

We operate locally in Hong Kong, but our team includes tax attorneys and consultants who reside in the United States. We work directly with our client's personnel, so we can accomplish important tasks effectively and with full knowledge and approval of the client. We work quickly and efficiently, because we understand that client's time is most valuable.

Business Development

Mr. Steve Sierszulski

Head of Business Development

Chief Consultant with over 25 years of experience in the U.S. brokerage industry, trading technology and tax consultancy.

  • FATCA 8966 reporting and filing
  • QI application, operations and compliance
  • U.S. tax 1042, 1042-S, 1099 and other reporting and filing
  • CRS reporting and filing
  • Electronic filing system directly linked to the IRS. Client does not need to purchase any software or hardware
  • Direct communication with tax authorities
  • Tax compliance training and materials
  • Direct consultation with clients with frequent follow-ups
  • On-site training of client's personnel
  • Annual account review and training seminar with current tax law updates
  • Compliance manuals and other written materials
  • Handling of all regular correspondence with tax authorities
  • Conference calls with tax authorities
  • Direct communication with U.S. brokers, custodians and other non-governmental entities
  • Simple subscription based billing inclusive of all services
  • Annual compliance "health check" audits​ and audit reports

Affiliated Attorneys:

Ms. Karrie L. Bercik, JD, LLM

Tax attorney and FATCA expert with over 20 years of practicing tax law in the United States. Her experience included tax advisory services to the Chinese Government and tax consultancy to numerous business enterprises in the U.S. and overseas.

Mr. Alex W. Zabrosky, JD

Corporate and tax attorney with over 35 years of experience in the United States. Clients included numerous commercial enterprises in the U.S. and overseas.